Sunday, September 5, 2010

Added New Pages

Currently Reading: Mathematical Sorcery: Revealing the Secrets of Numbers by Calvin C. Clawson

I've got a real treat in store today. I've taken some time to build more pages into this blog. I'm going to be writing and publishing tutorials that I've written using Mathematica. I'm trying to take a more analytical approach to these topics. Rather than list a bunch of theorems or definitions like a typical text book, I try to work through the topic as if I am discovering it on my own. The reason I'm leaving out the intensive rigor is because that has been done time and time again via textbooks. I highly recommend learning the rigor because that gives and added level of depth you just can't get otherwise. However, I think the tutorials, as they stand, will be helpful for many to garner some insight.

I don't want people to misunderstand my approach, so I've included a "Recommended Reading" tab, so that you can go and find where I am getting a lot of my influences. I've read multiple text books on the same topics so I'm only recommending the ones I think are the best. I'll be including links to where you can usually find textbooks at more reasonable prices. I realize over time this could get outdated with new editions, but the books' quality still stands so it may not matter what edition you decide to get, should you decide to purchase a book.

I am also going to try and list some "fun" books on the topics I've come across. I'm going to try and build these recommendations around people that might not have any math background, so the reading should not be overwhelming. My intention here is that this will hopefully get people interested in the subjects and perhaps get the confidence to delve into the topic even though the readers confidence may have been squashed by years of rote learning in classroom settings that didn't help people learn anything.

In the future I am going to include executable webMathematica programs where users can launch a page that you can actual practice topics discussed in the tutorials. All of this right from the web. I am also considering including video tutorials of me actually giving lessons on a subject. That might be much further down the road though. Like a year or more away.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy and appreciate the work I've put into building these things.