Below you will find links to tutorials I have written using Mathematica 7.  I want to build the tutorials beginning with some fairly basic material and build them into far more advanced mathematics and physics.  Clicking on the link brings you into Google Documents, where you can view the tutorial as is, or you can download it.  I've given public permission to download.  I hope these are useful for the curious.  I've tried to give a new twist on the topics and hopefully the new approach is interesting and easier.

Eventually I want to include a launch-able web program where users can actually put their math skills to the test.  However, that is coming in the far future as I build this site up more.

People that have read the documents say that these are suitable reading for people that have been exposed to Algebra.  Naturally the tutorials are designed to go in order of the subject matter, so one begins with the building blocks and moves onto Calculus.  I have tried to make them as separated as possible, but there is often some serious overlap between subjects.  In the arithmetic section, some may find that I discuss things in more of an analysis approach, but I do not think it is unreasonable to present some of the ideas early on.


Foundational Concepts/Arithmetic:
What is Number?
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division


Implicit Differentiation
U-Substitution (Preliminary Tutorial)
Integration by Parts (Preliminary Tutorial)
Trigonometric Substitution